All About Fragrances

  • Perfume concentration is the proportion of essential oils for the total liquid in the bottle, hence the name of fragrances come ‘Eau De Parfum’, ‘Eau De Toilette’ & ‘Eau de cologne’.

    The concentration of fragrance is calculated by numbers but the strength of the fragrance is the actual performance of the fragrance and its interaction with body temperature, this is returns to the craft of aromatic synthesis and mixing.

  • Perfume/ Pure Perfume: Perfume 20-30% concentration lasts upto 12+ hours. It is a very concentrated fragrance, for a heavy scented perfumes lovers and for the people who has a sensitive skin. It lasts for more than 12 hours and can be used for night-time because one spray can lasts long and fill the room where you sit with a very nice smell.

    Eau De perfume: Eau de parfum 15-20% concentration lasts up to 8+ hours. It is a medium concentration fragrance that lasts about 8+ hours and can be used on your daily use, such as work, family & friends outing, also your evening events.

    Eau De toilette: This type is light and lasts for 4 hours and is suitable for daily use. If you are not a fan of the heavy perfumes and are going to work or have a light stay with your friends, It is the most appropriate fragrance then.

    Eau De cologne: It is a very light scent and lasts for two hours at most.

    Eau De Senteur: It is a very light type and it is often found in children’s fragrances section, because it is more suitable for their skin and lasts for two hours at most.

    Eau De Soin: It is a very light type and it is often found in children’s fragrances section, because it is more suitable for their skin and lasts for two hours at most.

  • Perfume Stability: is the period of time in which the scent of the perfume can be smelled and distinguished on the skin or clothing, may be the persistence of the fragrance lasts for more than five or six hours, But it can not be sniffed by those whow are sitting near you.

    The stability of perfume on clothes, especially cotton, larger because they drink and evaporate slowly, but spray the fragrance on the skin directly helps to evaporate the fragrance faster because its warmer.

    Fragrance Smell: It’s the distance could the scent reach, some fragrances has strong scent which fill the room, and other can be smelled for two meter distance and some are less than this.

    Fragrance Smell on clothes usually is less. Fragrance can have different performance on skin than its performance on clothes.

  • Perfumes consist of top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The base notes are the heaviest part of the fragrance.

  • Store your fragrances in right places.

    Protect your perfume from its enemies: humidity, heat and light. Store your fragrances in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Also, buy your perfumes in spray bottles, it will help to avoid fragrance evaporation and chemical reactions with the air.

  • Best places to apply your fragrance are the pulse points of your body. Let me explain: pulse points are the areas of your body, where you can feel the heart rate through blood vessels that are located close to the skin. Therefore, apply your perfume: behind your ears, at the base of the throat, inside your wrist, inside your elbow and behind your knee. This way your perfume will last longer.